Will I be able to schedule the photoshoot?

Yes, we will put one of our photographers in contact with you for scheduling.


What if I don’t like that photos I receive?

If you are unhappy with the quality of the photos, we will give you a refund for the photography session within 48 hours of receiving the photos.


What is App Marketing?

App Marketing is the term we use for sending a message about your coffee shop out to the users of the CUPS App. We can target users based on the areas they frequent, making this a powerful way for you to connect with specialty coffee lovers who are already right in your neighborhood.


If I choose to offer CUPS users free drinks, who pays for the drinks?

You do. In return, we’ll throw in mobile push notifications to our users, social media mentions from @cupsapp, and a stronger message across the board. Since people love free coffee, you can expect this to increase the amount of attention your blast gets considerably.


Do I get to see the Spotlight Blast messages before they are sent out?

Yes, we will send the messages for your approval in advance of sending them. In the email with this information, we will include a due date for any feedback you have - if you do not respond by that due date, we will send the messages out as we wrote them.


How does having attractive-looking social media and discovery pages benefit me?

Good question! First off, people are more likely to follow you on your socials if they look nice. Beyond that though, a lot of millennials will google a coffee shop near them and look at their social media and discovery profiles to try and get a read on it, before visiting. If your pages look clean and professional, and have attractive pictures of your space, those people are more likely to visit.


Ok great, you made my profiles look nice. What do I do now?

Now it’s up to you to take it from here! We’ll include a copy of our guide to maintaining a coffee shop’s online presence with your order, which will give you everything you need to take it from here.


What if I don’t like the changes you make?

We offer one round of revisions with every order, and are happy to go back and change things for you, within reason. After that, it’s up to you to make whatever edits you see fit.